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About Caricature Entertainment




Hi! My name is Jan LeComte. I am a lifelong Artist.. I've published newspaper articles,
created cartoons and videos, authored several children's books, painted murals, taught
enrichment classes, drawn caricatures or performed mime for special events...and more!

I have contributed my creative skills to many

including; American Cancer Society, Arthritis Foundation, MS Society, Society of the Blind,
Red Cross, American Heart Association, March of Dimes, Make a Wish Foundation, schools
from preschool to College level, retirement communities, television, radio, newspapers, trade
shows,city events, festivals, country clubs, major promotional events, mueums and theaters.

How did this journey begin?

At the tender age of two Mom caught me scribbling my first mural on a wall. I attended
Cooper School of Art in Cleveland, Ohio. As a student I won awards including
the National Scholastic Achievement Award and the Intercollegiate Merit Award.

I work in a variety of mediums;

computer, pencil, pen & ink, chalk pastels, watercolor, oils, markers, soft sculpting and am able
to emulate many techniques such as realism, caricature, abstract expressionism, pointilism, cubism,
impressionism, fauvist, surrealism and whatever else I may be inspired by. Experimenting with new
mediums is FUN and I do this when the opportunity presents itself.

I believe being an artist is not just about what you do...It's a reflection of what you are!

Drawing a caricature of Ellen with my feet on Ellen Degeneres Show

Adobe photoshop CS4 painting of Katy Perry

I've been a mime, an elf, space alien, red-nosed reindeer, hippie,
and  Babar the Elephant King! I've worked with TV , radio stations
and newspapers. Have even done improv at the improv mimed a
weather report for Ch.19 (haha)...made my mime debut at the Star
Wash Car Wash...the list goes on and on. Art is an adventure!

The Empress' garden copyright all rights reserved 2007...2014 Jan LeComte

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