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( hmm, that cow looks familiar...)



Deja-voo, Deja-Moo.  It's all relative and it rhymes too!    Say that 3 times really fast



Was looking for the psychic cow, but ended up with the
mystical smoking head of Bob. That's ok, Cows are good,
Bob's are good. I'm sure there is some karmatic significance.

In seeking the psychic cow DESTINY brought me ( & you ) to these mystic links...


Mystical smoking head of Bob Swiss Rent-a-Cow Interactive Cow Tipping Magic 8 ball Brain melter Museum of dirt Moomilk Bob Club



Repeat after me...
there is nothing in the drinking water..


There is something about cows that inspires udder amazement!


About the Artist Huh? The BOB Club
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Cartoons & Caricature Mime Adventures The psychic cow
Kingdom of Fractal Rainbow Art T-shirts,mugs, gifts and other stuff


good cow
Remember...Cows are Good!


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